Things to be understood while using public Wi-Fi

The people may obtain an internet access from a physical location is a hotspot facility which typically uses Wi-Fi technology through Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This uses a router that connected to an internet service provider. T

he public hotspots or free Wi-Fi may be created by a business for the use of customers as like coffee shops and hotels etc. There are some systems that help to safely use public Wi-Fi networks.

Types of public Wi-Fi networks

public Wi-Fi networksThere are two types of public Wi-Fi available, which include:

  • Secured public Wi-Fi
  • Unsecured public Wi-Fi

The secured network requires the user to agree to the legal terms, register an account, or to type before connecting to the network.

The unsecured network does not require any kind of security feature like a password or login to work with the system.

Happenings while using public Wi-Fi

When there is a usage of unknown open wireless network specifically in transferring any kind of sensitive information, such as your online banking password is not that safer. Therefore, in case of sending any type of information through an unsecured wireless network which does not contain WPA security code will easily grab the information. This shows that, you are potentially opening your computer to someone else by connecting to a public network.

Risks of public Wi-Fi network

By using open Wi-Fi there are some of the risks that could endanger your business are

  • Rogue Wi-Fi networks.
  • Distribution of the malware over unsecured Wi-Fi.
  • Man in the middle attacks the network.
  • Hateful attacks through ad hocs.
  • Snooping and sniffing.
  • Password and username vulnerability.
  • Exposure to worm attacks.

Do’s and don’ts with the public Wi-Fi

  • Whenever possible connect to the secured open Wi-Fi network. Do not access any sensitive data like banking details to the unsecured public network.
  • Specifically when you are traveling to places, do turn off automatic connectivity of the network in order to stay safe on public Wi-Fi.
  • Even though if you are working with a secured public network, that will not stop anyone from taking your personal details from your device.

using public Wi-Fi

How to use open Wi-Fi without risk?

There are some systems that play a major role in avoiding the risk factors and to protect yourself on public Wi-Fi or wireless networks. There is a need for a system or a network that helps to protect the data from unauthorized access called firewall. Therefore, with the help of firewall you can secure the data from the hackers or at any risks.